Our Motto: SIPs to Success


At Desk to Impress we have a success motto that we work by - SIPs!

Just like taking baby steps leads to running, we believe in taking baby sips to an eventual big gulp of success. Grab your tea or coffee, and take a sip of our motto:

SIPs to Success

S. Style your desk - Style your desk or work space so that you are equipped with your desk essentials and favourite accessories that will inspire you and aid you in productivity.

I. Inspiration - Your favourite desk essentials and accessories will bring you joy and will lead you to a world of inspiration. Without inspiration, you will lack consistent motivation and miss out on success. 

P. Produce - Your spark of inspiration will drive you to stay motivated and work hard until you achieve your goals and reach milestones. 

S. Success - Ultimately, all the little goals and/or milestones you will reach will help you attain the ultimate goal- success. Then, do it all over again as success is immeasurable! 

Do you enjoy mottos? If so, what is your ideal life motto?

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