Want to Stay Organized? Here is Our Top 5 Desk Must Have Items

Did you know that how you set up your office space can actually affect your productivity? There are tons of studies conducted that prove this very phenomenon.

Logically, if we were conducting an exam per say, but the lights were dim and loud punk rock music was playing in the background- would we be able to concentrate and score well in our exam? Most probably not, and that is because of the environment that was set up around us. Thus, physical environments can have an impact on our well being. The very same can be translated to our workspace. If it is cluttered and lacks creativity -chances are that the likelihood of a highly productive day won't be possible. 

On the contrary, you want a place that sparks happiness, creativity and over all good vibes. The goal is to get you inspired. In a nutshell, your workspace needs to be optimized to promote productivity.

Whether you have a 9-5, work from home, or are a student, we have curated a list of the top 5 items you need for your desk to ultimately inspire you and promote productivity:

1) Calendar/Planner:

This item is listed as the first item for a reason-it is the mother of the desk! It will help you stay organized. This item is what will set your foundation for your workspace. A calendar or planner will ultimately keep you together and up-to-date with your goals and important dates/deadlines.


2) Desk Accessories:

Accessories such as a supply of pens, a pen holder, a stapler, tape dispenser, paper clips, and all other desk supplies are a must! However, keeping them tucked away neatly in jars, boxes or even placed strategically on your desk as decor, can help contribute to the organization of your workspace. To help you get started, we have a selection of desk organizational sets that are not only stylish, but will assist you in keeping your desk essentials organized. 

3) File/Book Holder:

From time to time we all fall victim to overload syndrome. To solve this problem, a trick of the desk is to add book holders or file trays. This will help to alleviate the overgrowing pains of desk clutter. Categorizing or organizing your paper, files and books into relevant holders or trays will help declutter your space and then mind. Hey, even if your files are still unorganized, at least they are  stored away in trays. Shhh, no one has to know- out of site, out of mind anyway- right? 


4) Greenery/Decor:

If you are a plant mother lover like us, then adding some greenery is a no brainer. However, if you add the right kind of plant, not only will you spruce up your space, but you'll instantly uplift your mood. According to many studies, certain plans help reduce fatigue, stress and increases productivity- what a win! If greenery isn't your thing, then jazz up your space with some decor like candles, cute mugs, or desk toys like action figures, fidget spinners and a stress ball. Make it your own! 


5) Trash Can:

We have been talking a lot about what goes on your desk to increase productivity, but there are a lot of unnecessary things that need to go. Yes, I'm taking to you! Stop hoarding and declutter your space by investing in a desk trash can. But please make sure you are being a responsible eco-friendly citizen of the Earth by doing your part. Once your trash is full, be sure to separate it into the communal recycling bins/trash in your office or at home. Declutter and do the right thing!


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