Why Desk to Impress?

What does Desk to Impress actually mean? And why should we Desk to Impress?

Ever hear of the saying, Dress to Impress? I'm sure you have! It is a phrase often used when talking about corporate events, interviews, meeting someone important, eating out with your boss or significant other. Essentially it means to show out and wear your best outfit yet. 

Desk to Impress is a play on words from the phrase dress to impress, but actually embodies the same meaning -for desks though- of course! 

A famous quote by Mark Twain mentions that "Clothes make the man. Naked people have very little or no influence on society." Well, here at Desk to Impress, we have a spin on that quote and have coined the following:

"Desk accessories make the desk! A naked desk has little or no influence to your productivity"Desk to Impress

All jokes aside- we promise! 

We also promise you that accessorizing your desk is key to inspiration and eternal productivity. Think about it, if you had all your basic essentials and accessories that make you happy by your desk side, you would feel inspired and in turn be productive. 

At Desk to Impress we have a success motto that we work by - SIPs.

Just like taking baby steps leads to running, we believe in taking baby sips to an eventual big gulp of success. 

Stay tuned for more details about our SIPs motto that will be featured in an upcoming blog. 

But, before we part ways, here's another tacky quote of ours, be prepared to cringe:

"Desk to Impress -to eliminate mess- and be your very best. Desk to Impress

Do you have any famous quotes that you place on your desk at all times? Please share and inspire us all! 


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