Our Story

To help today's woman live her best life, every day.
Through our high style stationery and modern work tools, we help
you express your individuality while making work easier and fun.
Elevated essentials for modern work-life
Your day, made better

Inspiring    Stylish     Quality    Fun

We call ourselves a stationery company, but we have big dreams and strong beliefs in how much you can achieve and how far you can go when you’re motivated and in your flow.

We are passionate about providing unique, well-designed products that will help you feel inspired, in control, and at your best - anywhere work takes you.

We place a priority on high style for today’s modern women. Each of our products is a beautiful balance of fashionable and functional, and fits perfectly into your work-life.

We are committed to quality across every area of our business and are focused on the finest of details. Our stationery products and desk accessories are distinctive to the beholder; evoking feelings that are as special as the designs look. Our packaging, retail experience and customer service all uphold the same quality standard. We recognize that our quality standards have a direct link to our reputation.

The days may be long, but life is short! We are here to help make the most of it - by creating beauty in our surroundings, through expressing individual style, and by getting more organized and productive - ultimately freeing up precious time for anything and everything else that matters.

Inspiration is the key to productivity and a core ingredient for happiness, and success. We aim to inspire our customers and community every day through the products we offer, the content we create, and the tools we provide to help you create and live your very best life.

Welcome to the Desk to Impress Family!