Amethyst Gold Affirmation Pen
Amethyst Gold Affirmation Pen
Amethyst Gold Affirmation Pen

Amethyst Gold Affirmation Pen

Desk to Impress
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Whether you are a believer of affirmations or a pen connoisseur, these luxurious crystal pens will leave you in awe. They come in gold or rose gold and are adorned with large crystals (clear quarts, rose quarts and amethyst quarts). Depending on the crystal you choose to go with, you can set the day with positive energy through the crystals’ healing properties & boost your mood into productivity. Start setting your affirmations with these gorgeous pens.

Affirm: I am full of positivity, productivity and inspiration. I am doing my very best. I am going to have a great day!

 Specifications and features include:  

  • Black ink   
  • Ballpoint clip pen
  • Twistable
  • Each pen is adorned with a large crystal (Crystal selection: clear quarts, rose quarts and amethyst quarts)
  • Engraved with Desk to Impress Avatar
  • Available in 2 colours- gold and rose gold
  • Crystals vary in sizes as they are natural and have not been tampered with
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  • free returns

  • secure payment

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